Chiropractic Physician

at the Nye Village Wellness Center

The goal of our therapy is to restore functional movement and coordination between skeletal system and joints, the muscular system, and nervous system control.  The therapy delivered as a patient will allow your body to function as it was intended, and to restore your movement, and increase health and overall well-being.


can help you:

Our Focus

Dr. Kenneth Bishop

Dr. Ken Bishop  has been practicing in the Newport area since 2008. He offers evidence based treatment and therapy for a broad range conditions, plus general wellness care and preventive medicine. Dr Bishop is accepting new patients, and most health insurance plans are accepted.

  • Recover from accidents or injuries, including whiplash 
  • Achieve optimal athletic performance
  • Gain relief from chronic pain or health problems
  • Stay active to get the most out of life
  • Most insurance plans accepted